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Sophie Simmons strips down for her first lingerie ***y lingerie China photoshoot

Sophie Simmons strips down for her first lingerie ***y lingerie China photoshoot

Sophie Simmons is taking it off -- and opening up to ET about her first lingerie photoshoot.

The 23-year-old daughter of Gene Simmons ***y lingerie China and Shannon Tweed sat down exclusively with ET's Deidre Behar, where she revealed the first photos from her lingerie campaign for Adore Me, and told us what inspired her to strip down for the ***y photoshoot.

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I never really thought anyone would even consider my body type for lingerie, Simmons revealed, saying that it was Adore Me that had the confidence in her, and approached her for the shoot. I have to thank Adore Me for putting that opportunity in front of me.

Although the model stripped down for a nude photoshoot last year, Simmons shared that it took a lot for her to finally accept her body. I wasn't always comfortable with it, and I think that's why I love my body now, she said. I really hated my body and I didn't understand why I didn't look like the women in magazines.

Ultimately, it was Simmons' model mother that finally helped her recognize her own beauty. My mom sat me down and told me the secret to which I build all of my body confidence on, she explained. She said, 'You only have this one life and this one body, why would you spend your time hating it?'

And while the former Gene Simmons: Family Jewels star admits she worked out for in preparation for the photoshoot, she didn't lose any weight. I trained for four vxyvx020 weeks leading up to the shoot, Simmons said, revealing that daily workouts and a pre-measured meal plan were her secret weapons for getting in shape. I actually did not lose weight but I did lose inches…and that's where the results really mattered for me. It meant I was replacing fat with muscle.

As for advice to other women on accepting their bodies and working what their mamas gave them? I truly believe that women can look and feel great at any size. I just urge people to make sure, whatever size they are, that they are healthy starting from the inside, working your way out.

For Simmons, it certainly shows. Lookin' good, Sophie!

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Victoria's Secret under fire for suggesting women wear Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie lingerie to work

Victoria's Secret under fire for suggesting women wear Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie lingerie to work

Victoria's Secret latest trend has backfired. The lingerie company came under fire for saying lingerie should be considered appropriate attire for the work place.

Their new ad suggests women find new ways to take Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie their lingerie outside. But many of the company's customers are not happy with the idea of wearing ***y clothes to work.

Not a look for outside at all. Unfortunately the teens will think this is ok now. What would you be selling with this look? one Facebook user commented.

“This get up is not appropriate for public wear,” another user wrote. “Stop it, Victoria’s Secret. I love your brand, but your advertising is ridiculous!”

One added, No way would I wear that like that out in public, while another noted, Also id rather vxyvx020 spend my money on more clothes and not one piece of underwear!

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How to Wear swimwear manufacturer China Lingerie as Outerwear (Without Being Risque)

How to Wear swimwear manufacturer China Lingerie as Outerwear (Without Being Risque)

Each year, one style in particular wholesale swimwear seems to come back into play in one way or another. Whether it’s a lace corset or a peekaboo bra, lingerie-inspired clothing is always reemerging and reinventing itself. This year is no exception as we see it hitting the fashion headlines once again. Celebrities from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham have been spotted stepping out all over town wearing boudoir-inspired style.

Lingerie-inspired looks have persisted on runways and red carpets for quite some time now. Many high-end designers such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior continue to include lingerie-esque elements to their collections. Last year, Vogue Paris’s cover photo from their “September Issue” also featured a gorgeous sheer black lace lingerie-esque style dress.

There’s a fine line between wearing lingerie that’s intended to be worn underneath your clothing and wearing it as an actual fashion statement. When done correctly, incorporating lingerie-inspired trends into your wardrobe can give your everyday look a couture cutting-edge.

Adding Lingerie-Inspired Pieces Into Everyday Fashion

Like any trend, there are tips wholesale halloween غير مجاز مي باشدtumes and tricks to make it work for you. Adding lingerie-inspired pieces into everyday fashion can be easy and give your self esteem a boost of confidence. When wearing crop tops, bralets, and lacy camisoles it’s important to display vxyvx020 them under a jacket to keep them daytime-friendly. Wearing a jacket with a silky, lacy camisole, or a bustier top with pull your look together. Adding a jacket also eliminates the worry of looking like you are wearing your intimates out in public. This also works for office or low-key settings by showing less skin and buttoning it up a bit.

Mixing Fabrics Adds a Seductive swimwear manufacturer China Feel

Another way to make this look work is to mix different wholesale swimwear fabric effects like lace, ruffles, silk and sheer materials. Wearing these fabrics, especially together, will immediately create a boudoir feel. Together they will amplify the seductiveness of your lingerie inspired look. Remember to keep it simple and make sure your look is tasteful and not bedroom-ready.

You can be a little more experimental with lingerie-inspired pieces when attending formal events and fancy, high-profile parties. Last year Mila Kunis wore a gorgeous sheer lilac lacy Elie Saab gown to the Oscars that included many lingerie-inspired elements. She also made most “Best Dressed” lists. The reason why this look worked so well was because it was done tastefully with minimal accessories. Mila’s hair was pulled back loosely and she let her gown speak for itself. The sheer panels were perfectly placed and the lace covered all the appropriate areas.

Which Timeless Undergarment is Always in Fashion?

Gowns that have a bustier or corset-style top create an elegant look for a dramatic evening affair. They create a structured shape and gives you a timeless look. Fortunately corsets have evolved over time and incorporating them into an evening dress can enhance definition and give your overall look a seductive feel. When wearing them make sure that they are properly tailored to fit your body type and everything will fall into place.

Wearing boudoir-style clothing is all about making a statement, having confidence and wearing what feels right for your body. Lingerie-inspired fashion may be a bit bold for your look, but there are many ways to blend pieces into your everyday wardrobe.With so many chic ways to wear this trend, your unmentionables are definitely going to be worth mentioning.

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